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Driving down the road with the sun piercing through your windshield… you know its time for a pair of prescription sunglasses. ¬†Affordable and extremely convenient, Eyear Optical’s line of fashionable sunglasses makes it easy to find the perfect pair for you.

We focus on comfort, design, and functionality.  Come into any of our locations today to see our entire line of prescription sunglasses.

Sunglasses and sports eyewear: an important accessory year round and instrumental in maintaining your eye health and that of your family. You don’t go out for the day without sunscreen, so just think how much more fragile the human eye is when bombarded by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It just makes sense to protect your eyes and your vision with UV-filtered sunglasses. And it’s true that specialized lenses and frames for every sport and activity can enhance and improve performance.

Available in prescription and non-prescription lenses.




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